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I am no pushover. I believe you can be both firm and kind.

“My advice is you need to have a vision. Be confident. Or act as if you are confident as a way to get people to believe in you. Then repetition is reputation. Keep growing, keep changing, but always remain true to yourself and your vision.”

Regardless of how we come by taste and charisma, I venture to say, if you want to make it to the top of any profession, you’re going to need both.

I believe everything I do needs to be like a Calvin Klein suit:            
It has to be iconic, legendary, and let its brand speak for itself;             
It has to be impeccably precise and carefully considered;            
It has to be tasteful, timeless, and elegant, with nothing unnecessary getting in the way;     
And most important, it has to make people feel great.

If you want to someday be “in command of a room,” you need to be all of these things and then some:
You need to have the confidence in yourself that you can do whatever it is you’re doing.
You have to believe that the choices you made are good ones and are grounded in reality.
You have to be a connoisseur of the world you live in.
You have to start paying attention to what is all around you. And ask yourself: What do you find beautiful? What makes you feel good? What inspires you?

If you’re serious about finding a great fit, the first and most fundamental thing you need to do is to get your body and mind in shape for the proverbial suit you’re going to put on someday. You’re going to have to start gaining some confidence of your own and exercising your own taste and vision.

If you want to get to the top, start working on your confidence. Start helping others be confident, too. Express yourself freely, and help others express themselves. Finally, attach that confidence to a vision—an overarching idea of who you are and what you want to become, and before you know it, you’ll be commanding rooms with your taste and charisma, too.