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Tom Murry is the retired CEO of Calvin Klein, where he ran the company for 17 years and facilitated the brand’s growth from 2.8 billion to $8 billion. Prior to that, he spent the majority of his career working for iconic fashion brands (including Tahari and Evan Piccone) and rising through the ranks to the greatest job in the world, working alongside designer extraordinaire Calvin Klein. Now enjoying life out of the C-suite, Tom enjoys traveling, golfing, and mentoring others on their way to the top. Still married to his beloved junior-high sweetheart, Lynda Murry, he is still as in love with her today as he was the moment he laid eyes on her. The couple recently celebrated 43 years of marriage and now reside in Palm Beach, Florida (right across the street from Mar-a-Lago) with their dog, Bentley.
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How To Look Like A Great Fit

"Regardless of how we come by taste and charisma, I venture to say, if you want to
make it to the top of any profession, you’re going to need both."





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“My advice is you need to have a vision. Be confident. Or act as if you are confident as a way to get people to believe in you. Then repetition is reputation. Keep growing,
keep changing, but always remain true to yourself and your vision.”

For Tom Murry, who retired as C.E.O. of Calvin Klein after seventeen remarkable years, the most essential part of becoming successful is finding not only the right fit, but a great fit. A great fit goes beyond liking your job or being competent—it’s a place where you belong, where your talents are both fully expressed and needed, and where you can serve the greatest number of people.

Tom Murry uses his unique experiences in both work and life to teach up-and-coming managers and leaders how he did it, and how they too can excel not only in the fashion industry, but in any business. He shares advice on how to find the job you love and eventually rise to the top—and even how and when to leave in order to find a better fit for your ever-growing skills and talents.